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Evening Elk Tours
  (note: times vary with the season)  

$35.00 Per Person

2 Person Minimum
5 Person Maximum




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Bull ElkCataloochee Valley



® April to October:  Evening Elk Eco-tours

Come along and take a short hike while exploring the natural history and beauty of the Smokies.  Learn about the early settlers of Cataloochee Valley and see the majestic elk herd and other wildlife such as black bears, deer, wild turkeys, coyotes and cedar waxwings.  The evening ends with sunset overlooking the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  Tours last 4 hours  and cost $40 per person, 2 person minimum, 5 person maximum.  Snack and drink provided.

® April & May:  Morning Spring Birding & Wildflower Hikes

Enjoy early morning elk viewing and a moderate two mile round trip hike discovering wildflowers and birds of the Smokies.  Tour last 4 hours and cost $40 per person, 2 person minimum, 5 person maximum.  Snack and drink provided.

® May 19 to June 8:  Synchronous Firefly Night Walk

Journey to our secret location to witness one of the true wonders of nature, known only to exist in two places in the world.  Tour last 2 hours and cost  $30 per person, 4 person minimum, 5 person maximum.  Homemade cookies and drink provided.


® Want to combine the Evening Elk Eco-tour and Synchronous Firefly Night Walk?  No problem!  We can do both for $50 per person.

® Want a full day tour to Cades Cove with sunrise at Clingman’s Dome?  No problem?  We can do that too!  $300 for 2, $400 for 4.


Additional Elk Notes:

® March through the end of August male bull elk are growing their impressive antlers.

® June is typically the month elk calves are born.  June, July and August make for a joyful viewing time of the babies nursing and frolicking in the meadows.

® September and October are an exciting time in the valley with the beauty of fall foliage and the elk in Rut (breeding season).  This is when you can hear their haunting bugle call and see them sparring for mating rites.

(prices subject to change)

 (tour times vary with the season) 

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